Bahrain: Menschenrechtsverteidiger Nabeel Rajab erneut wegen Twitter-Nachrichten verhaftet

Nabeel Rajab. Quelle: PEN International

Nabeel Rajab. Quelle: PEN International

Der internationale PEN fordert die Regierung von Bahrain dazu auf, alle Anklagepunkte gegen den international bekannten Aktivisten und Menschenrechtsverteidiger Nabeel Rajab fallenzulassen.

Seine Verhaftung, offenbar eine Antwort auf seine Äußerungen über einen Ausbruch der Gewalt im Zentralgefängnis von Bahrain, ist ein erneuter Versuch, sein Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung zu unterdrücken.

Der internationale PEN ruft zur sofortigen und unmittelbaren Freilassung all derer auf, die derzeit lediglich wegen der friedlichen Ausübung des Rechts auf freie Meinungsäußerung in Bahrain inhaftiert sind.

Hintergrund (bereitgestellt vom internationalen PEN)

On 2 April 2015, Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) was arrested at his home in Beni Jamra, Manama, Bahrain. His house was surrounded by about 20 police cars and a number of security forces participated in his arrest. He was presented with a warrant charging him with spreading false news. Rajab’s arrest is linked to a recent piece Into Bahrain’s Jaws of Hell, published by the Huffington Post, in which he exposed ill-treatment and collective punishment in Bahrain’s Central Prison, also known as Jaw Prison. On 10 March, a protest broke out at Jaw Prison over the treatment of the prison inmates, which provoked a brutal response by the security forces. Rajab documented and reported the consequences of the authorities’ response on that day.

Soon after his arrest, Nabeel Rajab was remanded by the Public Prosecutor on charges of ‘Insulting a statutory body’, and ‘Spreading rumours during war time’.  This second charge against Rajab is a result of his documentation of deaths of civilians in Yemen, during Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in late March 2015. Bahrain participated in the coalition by sending a number of fighter jets against Houthi forces in Yemen. At the time, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior warned against any criticism in this action and stated that the authorities would take ‘appropriate steps against individuals that put safety and security of the country at risk’.

Moreover, on 20 January 2015, Nabeel Rajab was sentenced to six months in prison for ‘insulting a statutory body’, after he tweeted critical comments against Bahraini security forces who had reportedly travelled abroad to fight with ISIS supporters. Rajab remained on bail while his appeal was heard.

Nabeel Rajab was freed in May 2014 after spending two years in prison for taking part in “illegal gatherings”.


The BCHR has published a video taken at the moment of Rajab’s arrest, and a call from local NGOs to condemn his detention.

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