PEN Guatemala denounces attack against journalist

PEN Guatemala, in solidarity with the statement of the Association of Guatemalan Journalists, denounces the attack committed against Rony Rolando Castillo Lucio, journalist of Nuestro Diario, in Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, while he was reporting on the transfer of a prisoner to hospital. Castillo Lucio was attacked by a group of taxi drivers and his photographic equipment was stolen in the presence of union members of the hospital, where was he received treatment for his injuries.*

PEN Guatemala demands that the authorities investigate these criminal acts in order to obtain reliable information, which will enable them to find those responsible and to bring them to justice. Our Centre believes that timely denunciations and the respect for legal process can prevent attacks against freedom of information and thought, rights enshrined in Article 35 of our Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala.

Board members: Gustavo Bracamonte Cerón, President. Karla Olascoaga Dávila, Vicepresident. Juan Antonio Canel Cabrera, Secretary. Víctor Manuel Muñoz Cruz, Treasurer. Carlos René García Escobar, Chair I. Eduardo José Blandón Ruiz, Chair II. María Fernanda Sandoval Ayala, Chair III.

*According to reports, Rony Rolando Castillo Lucio, was attacked on 7 September 2017.