Regula Venske – President

Regula Venske Foto: © Michael Zapf
Regula Venske (Foto: © Michael Zapf)
  • Born 1955. School in Münster/West and Madeira School, Greenway, Virginia/USA
  • Law School in Heidelberg (two years), German and English Studies in Hamburg
  • After first state examination, she receives the scholarship “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” for her doctorate; teaching assignments in Hamburg and Berlin; DAAD editor in London; earns DPhil in 1988 with a dissertation about the construction and critique of masculinity in contemporary German-language literature written by women
  • Freelance writer in Hamburg: novels, (short) stories, essays, sometimes poems, countless contributions to the radio (culture and travel reports, interviews, portraits) as well as literary critiques for various print media
  • Occasional forays into employment: speaker for vocational education in the media sector of the Bertelsmann scholarship, literary editor for BRIGITTE, publishing director for Rotbuch publishing house. Readings, lectures, presentations in German and English at home and abroad
  • Awards (among others): Oldenburg Jugendbuchpreis, German Crime-Writing Award (Deutscher Krimipreis) and the Lessing Scholarship of the City of Hamburg; writers’ residencies in Luxembourg, Wiesbaden, and more; member of the committe of German crime writers “Syndikat” and Hamburg’s author association
  • Member of German PEN since 1998