Evgenija Spaschenko

Zhenia Berezhna Foto: Marina Kozinaki

Evgenija Spaschenko is a Ukrainian writer, blogger, creative writing coach and co-author of the award-winning podcast Ковен Дур. With her fairy tales and parables for adults and her cultural podcast, she brings Russian-language contemporary prose out of a niche and makes it accessible to a wide audience, because “we all love magical stories, their wisdom and light that makes its way even in the darkness of the deepest night”.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine Evgenija came to Germany in July 2022 as a scholarship holder in the Writers-in-Exile program. She is currently writing an autofictional novella that deals with war, life on the run and art.

Her new podcast “(Not) About War” tells the stories of creative people and artists whose lives and work have been influenced, changed or even destroyed by the war against Ukraine.