(German) Tomislav Kezharovski

Tomislav Kezharovski (Foto: © Stefanie Silber)

The journalist and author Tomislav Kezharovski is founder and editor-in-chief of two weekly newspapers in Macedonia. He was arrested for his research on corruption and organised crime, particularly inside administrative and governmental circles. Brutally persecuted in the Republic of Macedonia he became a symbol of freedom of speech and expression. Since November 2018 he is Elsbeth-Wolffheim Scholarship holder of the Science City Darmstadt.


Life in the Box


No one can enter jail and come out unchanged. Human destinies turn into circus acts. Every person has his own story, unique and unrepeatable. No man and no destiny can be compared to another person’s destiny. There, they leveled our merits so that we lose the image of the values of the human life. You face a gap between the material and comfort. In the frantic pace of life and the tsunami of information, the instinct for survival is huge. The prison symbolizes nothingness and the missed life. It is full of stunning contrasts. The division of classes is obvious. […] It’s a special world. A world of immense noise from which you cannot hear a single voice of reason.