Adam Guzuev

Foto: Simone Ahrend, sah-photo

Adam Guzuev was born in Chechnya in 1970. He comes from a family of theater celebrities. His uncle, who was killed during a firefight in the Chechen war, was chairman of the Chechen broadcasting committee. After studying philology, Guzuev worked as a director and scriptwriter for Chechen state television, wrote pieces for the State Theater in Grozny and poems that were published in Chechen literary magazines. Because of his films about war crimes committed during the Chechen conflict, he faced immense pressure in his homeland. He could not be published and was forced to go into hiding in Chechnya, until he could assume his fellowship. In November 2010, Adam Guzuev came to Germany and was a grant recipient of the PEN Writers in Exile Program till October 2013. During this time, he wrote screenplays, poems and stories working to fulfill his dream of one day seeing his own movie make it to the Berlinale Film Festival. Adam Guzuev continues to live in Berlin. In 2017, a  text by Guzuev will be publish in the German PEN anthology Zuflucht in Deutschland. Texte verfolgter Autoren (S. Fischer).