Masoud Ali-Reza Espabod

Foto: privat

Masoud Ali-Reza Espabod was born in Tehran in 1951. He studied Art at the College of Fine Arts for Boys and at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Tehran and then at the Academy of Arts in London. Since 1968, he has had numerous exhibitions in Iran, Switzerland and London. From 1990 to 2000, he was not allowed to display his works in Iran. He has published two art books, Sunny (1978) and Book of Selected Paintings (1995). That same year, his interview on art and its political role in modern societies appeared in the German magazine Der Spiegel. Espabod wrote numerous, mostly unpublished, short stories and created logos for advertising world-renowned brands as well as book covers for well-known poets. He designed the covers of several publications of the German PEN Center. From August to September 2005, he participated in the PEN Writers in Exile Program. In February 2007, Masoud Ali-Reza Espabod passed away in Iran.